Kwizda Austria

A leader on the Austrian healthcare market

With its divisions – Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Distribution, Pharmaceutical Wholesale and Pharmacy Service – Kwizda manages to cover the entire spectrum of services – from the development of to the supply with pharmaceutical drugs.

Headquartered in Vienna


Kwizda is a family-run company with headquarters in Vienna and production facilities in Vienna, Leobendorf and Enns. The extensive supply with pharmaceutical drugs throughout Austria is made possible through the production facilities in Vienna, Leopoldsdorf, Linz, Graz, Gröding and Innsbruck.

Strong Labels


Kwizda stands out due to its strong labels and the innovative products it develops, both in the field of non-prescription medicines and biological crop protection. By virtue of its innovations in the field of waterproofing systems, Büsscher und Hoffmann has been a leader on the Austrian market for decades.

Strong Partner


Thanks to its precise market knowledge and its network of pharmaceutical distribution, pharmaceutical wholesale and pharmacies, Kwizda is an attractive partner for pharmaceutical companies in Austria.

Healthcare Logistics


Kwizda Pharmaceutical Distribution provides pre-wholesale and direct-to-pharmacy services for the pharmaceutical industry. Business partners from the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries take advantage of our expertise and longstanding experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Kwizda Pharma Distribution sets the standard for customer satisfaction with its distribution center in Leopoldsdorf near Vienna.



Kwizda Pharmaceutical Wholesale guarantees a quick delivery of pharmaceutical drugs throughout Austria from its 5 locations, and the immediate availability of over 50,000 articles.